Thursday, February 17, 2011


Tomorrow I will embark on a 7 hour bus ride to Denver for a Miche representative conference! 

I am completely and utterly estactic to be meeting all the NEW MEXICO reps, my chicas!!! And not to mention the CEO's and designer of the company!!!

I can't wait. I will miss my little ones. I am leaving my 6 month old for the first time and she is such a little darling. Also she is still breastfeeding so I see a lot of hand pumping in my future! 

I also have 3 and 4 and a half year olds that I will be entrusting to the very capable hands (I hope) of their father.

So I will be SUPER excited to take pics and post them here on Monday... Please come back and take a look into the wonderful world of MICHE BAGS!!!

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