Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's been a while and I'm so busy!

I have 2 count 'em, 2 parties this weekend! I just purchased the new Inspiron Duo (laptop/tablet) for my Miche business and I have been working on new and fresh approaches to the sales of these fabulous bags!

*Update on my first party, I had 5 of the hostesses guests show up at the restaurant and only three guests bought from me for a total of a little over $320. Not bad for my first party, but I had an absolutely dreadful time with the manager and I had to end up writing a letter to the owner of the restaurant about it!

On the bright side I received a call and an apology letter and an apology gift card of $25.

I decided that I'm going to use the gift card as a raffle prize at my launch party in April, along with a new bag and some promotional items.

But to get back to my 2 parties this weekend I booked with some women I know from church, they both wanted an, "open house" feel and I am very excited to see what happens. Each party has about 10 ppl. confirmed but I will keep you posted with what actually happens.

I am so excited! Here is a picture of Snookie!

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